Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Day of Class

  So I've been in Glasgow for a week, and I've managed to survive to the first day of classes. This may not seem like a hard task, but considering Glasgow is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe (yeah I found this out recently from a Finnish girl and a Romanian girl...) I think I'm doing kind of amazingly.
  Nothing too exciting has happend this past week. I've met a lot of nice people and a lot of Europeans, something that doesn't happen much in America. I've worked out the bus system to and from school, and I've even called for a taxi to pick me up.
  Today were my first classes and surprisingly they were very similar to a typical class at Alabama. The teachers tell the same kinds of lame jokes. They had the same problems getting the projectors and the computers to work like at Alabama. However, at Glasgow they haven't seemed to figure out that it's easier for the students if you put the doors to a lecture hall in the back of the room than the front. So instead of sneaking in late to a class, you're the lost foreign exchange student who's almost twenty minutes late to class and everyone stares at you walking in. Haha super awkward... And here I guess people think it's okay to put on deodorant in class because I saw a guy whip out a can of aerosol deodorant and start spraying it on. That was quite amusing. They also must have a shortage of teachers because in two of my three lectures the teachers switch out classrooms each week, so one week I'll have a teacher in my classroom and the next week the teacher will be in another classroom on campus projecting a live video of themselves teaching onto a screen in my classroom. I feel like Zenon from Disney who had projections for teachers on the space shuttle where she lived. So I guess Glasgow's so far ahead in technology that we're comparable to people living in space stations? (Definitely a joke...)
  Although I've only met a few people out of the 14,000 students at the University of Glasgow, I've managed to have someone I know in each of my classes, so I'm already starting to feel more at home than I did when I got here.
  Hopefully, I'll have much more exciting news to report next week, but as of now nothing else need be said. (Oh yeah, except for Alabama winning our 14th National Championship!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! I just want to run around yelling "roll tide" but I feel people might think I'm a crazy American.) So peace out until next time!

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